Our Network: Community-led Natural Resource Centres

What are Natural Resource Centres?

The Adelaide Sustainability Centre is one of eight Natural Resource Centres in the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region.  These centres are community owned and operated groups that engage with our community and respond to local needs and issues in a variety of ways.  They provide a range of community and environmental services including reference material and referrals, volunteer programs, workshops, training and field days, meeting space, information, recycling, resources and equipment.

Each centre has its own individual team; however, we are all united in our focus on driving behaviour change, sustainable living and environmental connection.

The centres are supported by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board and run by volunteers and part-time staff.

What do they offer?

Natural Resource Centres provide an extensive range of free literature, booklets, and media on all aspects of the environment and sustainable living. We also work with the community to provide engaging life lessons about the natural world and sustainable living through many different events—from grass identification field days to green cleaning workshops.

Each Natural Resource Centre provides the community with the relevant information and practical skills required to take positive action towards a sustainable future on a local scale, providing innovative ways for community involvement in sustainability. Visit one near you today.

Where is my closest centre?

 Mount Pleasant Natural Resource Centre

132 Melrose St

Mount Pleasant SA 5235

(08) 8568 1907


Willunga Environment Centre

18 High St

Willunga SA 5172

(08) 8556 4188


Normanville Natural Resource Centre

3/50 Main Road

Normanville SA 5204

(08) 8558 3644


South Coast Environment Centre

3 Eyre Tce

Victor Harbour SA 5211

(08) 8552 9423


Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre

1 Crescent Drive

Norton Summit SA 5136

(08) 8390 1891


Adelaide Sustainability Centre

The Joinery, 111 Franklin St

Adelaide SA 5000

(08) 7123 2166


Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre

Service Hub Area, 8 Adelaide Rd

Gawler SA 5118

(08) 8523 7700


Barossa Bushgardens

653 Research Rd

Light Pass SA 5355

(08) 8562 4775