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We want to continue to support you to live sustainably, learn new skills, and connect to each other and nature, while we’re increasingly at home due to COVID-19.
As families are currently home more together, below is a collation of resources to engage and support kids and the whole family.

The above image is by Brenna Quinlan, see more inspiring permaculture illustrations here:


Family, Nature and COVID-19 online guide

Nature Play SA’s new, free online guide is a great resource to supporting families during the pandemic. It includes information, strategies and practical, nature-based ideas for children and families to nurture mental health and provide accessible, nature-based methods that can be practiced at home, your neighbourhood and nearby nature.

Family, Nature & COVID-19

Connecting children with nature

If you’re home-schooling or looking for nature-based activities for the kids, subscribe to the NRM Education team’s Weekly Digest. Each edition features a different native flora or fauna species as well as great resources and inspiration for educators (but also great for parents). See their latest edition here.

NRM Education also have great information on natural learning spaces, as well as identification charts, fact sheets, information packs, activities and lesson ideas associated with local plants and animals.

This article has 130+ outdoor learning activities to keep you and your kids occupied and incorporate outdoors into schooling.

You can also check out this article for 5 ways children can connect with nature.


Citizen Science activities

Citizen science projects are a great way to engage in science and contribute to scientific research. The Australian Citizen Science Association has collated a number of activities that anyone with a mobile phone or internet connection can get involved in. For example, FrogWatch SA and Birds in Backyards to survey biodiversity around you.


National Geographic Kids

From animals and geography to science, nature and history, there are so many amazing facts for kids, just waiting to be discovered by young explorers. There are also primary teaching resources, competitions, games and quizzes covering a broad range of subjects:


We intend to add to this post so that it continues to be relevant into the future.

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