Make positive changes on The Good Trail

What simple actions will you commit to, to make positive change?

Download the positive pledge bingo resource and continue making positive changes.

Our positive pledge activity is part of The Good Trail from  7th March – 3rd April!

The Good Trail Adelaide takes everything we love about a self-guided city tour, and adds a big old touch of ‘doing-good’ to it – by giving you the chance to discover some of Adelaide’s amazing local for-purpose businesses. The trail will be live for four weeks, but you can do it in a day, a weekend, a week or however long you’re in or around the CBD.

How does it work?

It’s an interactive self-guided tour that takes you to some of Adelaide CBD’s best for-purpose businesses.

Each business has a mini-mission or two for you to complete to give you insight into the amazing work they do, earn points and unlock your exclusive offering to get a taste of their product or service, pretty great right!

There are also some great impact-full prizes to be won for the most points.

What you’ll need:

1. Smartphone

2. Ability to download Actionbound app

3. Internet connection – you don’t need this while you’re doing the trail, but you will need to download the trail through the app 🙂

*all profits go towards providing the Think Enough directory free of charge for all

Head to their website to find out more and to take part!

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