Ecogrief Research

In a time of increasing climate change impacts, a pandemic and significant and growing environmental concerns, it’s understandable that we experience a sense of sadness and loss. This emotional response can be referred to as ‘ecogrief’ or ‘ecoanxiety’.

It’s important that we feel supported and are mindful of practical coping strategies we can use to look after ourselves and each other.

The Ecogrief and Ecoanxiety guide is a research project undertaken by the Adelaide Sustainability Centre volunteer, Barb Koth. This resource summarises some of the key ecogrief activities and learnings that have been used. We look forward to making a summary resource available via this page soon, however the full research project is accessible here.

Additionally, Conservation SA has created a video and booklet, Champions and Changemakers: Looking After Yourself. These resources looks at self-care actions for preventing and addressing burnout. Find out more about this project here.