Library of Things trial

What’s a library of things? It’s a system where you can borrow items you might not otherwise have access to.

By sharing resources, the Adelaide Sustainability Centre aims to support reduction of community consumption and waste, challenge people to rethink the concept of ownership, and enable people access to resources they may not otherwise have had.

We also aim to share our learnings from the trial, to encourage and better enable other groups to establish a Library of Things too.

We have items that support community to connect to our natural environment, and to reduce our impact on the environment. These include camping gear and resources to help you enjoy our natural environment. As well as items to help you explore or reduce your environmental impact, such as sewing machines and energy testing kits.


How it works 

  1. Visit MyTurn to find out more and to browse our inventory.
  2. Create an account – join our April-May 2021 trial, membership by donation (min $5)
  3. Reserve and borrow available items via our MyTurn website.
  4. Let us know what you think – complete our short survey will be sent at the end of the trial.


Important information 

  • Trial system – our trial will run from April-May 2021. While our official trial period is now over, we have extended borrowing until 21 December 2021. We look forward to sharing our learnings and next steps with you soon.
  • Items can only be picked up and returned during borrowing hours – 10am-3pm Monday, Tuesday and Fridays.
  • Wait time – please note that our library is operated by generous volunteers, and inquiries are checked weekly. We appreciate your patience getting back to you.


Head to our myTurn website to view our items!

For inquiries please phone 7123 2166 or email