Tips for a sustainable festive season

Ready to get festive? From homemade decorations to gift ideas and sustainable wrapping, we’ve got some tips for your eco-friendly celebrations!


1. Plan ahead to reduce waste

Avoid food waste by planning meals in advance so you only buy and make what you need. We recommend bringing a takeaway container to events so that leftover food can be taken home to enjoy. Leftovers are also a great way to creatively make a new meal – why not try that leftover salad on a baked potato?

2. Use sustainable decorations

Unfortunately, most store-bought decorations, like tinsel or baubles, are landfill items when they can’t be reused or donated. You might like to make your own decorations with family and friends. Perhaps you could try drying fruit, flowers and spices, making salt dough or origami decorations, or wreaths out of rosemary! It’s fun and sustainable to get creative and use what you already have, but alternatively, we recommend buying secondhand or investing in decorations that will serve you for a long time.

3. Gift mindful presents

There’s so many great eco-friendly gift ideas! Perhaps you could make or bake something, gift a native plant, buy secondhand or sponsor an endangered animal. Or our personal favourite, why not gift an experience? Perhaps even something that you and your loved ones can do together. Check out the Adelaide Sustainability Centre’s event page to see our 2022 workshop present ideas.


4. Support local

When planning your celebrations, try buy your fresh (and seasonal) food from a local farmers’ market, and stock up on local homemade foods or make your own where possible. If you’re purchasing other items for your festivities, including presents or decorations, its great to support local makers and encourage the ‘slow economy’.  The Adelaide Remakery and OmMade Meet the Maker are just two that you might like to check out.

5. Eco wrap it

Think about reusing and sustainably wrapping any gifts. Reusing posters, kids’ art, and newspaper are great ideas. And you could spruce them up with some dried fruit, flowers or twine!

Wishing you a merry, safe and green festive season!


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